Wednesday, April 26, 2006

$40 Lost at Poker

Playing for a while in Pokerstars tonight and lost $40. Not a good start to my poker playing week but hey, never mind, I've a day off work tomorrow so it can't all be bad!

Anyone reading this up for a poker tournament between the readers? If you are post a comment and check back regular and we'll get something setup.

Oh, and can you also leave where you prefer to play poker online and the majority will win and we'll play on your 'home turf.'

Monday, April 17, 2006

What Great Fun!

I had a great time yesterday and really enjoyed playing. I may not have won much but the cards were average and let me play a bit.

At an early table game I made a total of $1.40...WOW, what will I spend it all on.

I then played 3 games of heads up which I lost, they cost me $16 in total. The last one I caught a bit of a bad beat when my Ace high straight in the second hand of the game was beaten by a flush on the river! Grrr.

I then finished the evenings play off with a final $5.50 Sit 'n' Go tourney where I played with 9 others and came second winning me $13.50.

Great fun. Roll on the next game.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Poker for my Country

Just finished playing in a heads-up tourney for a place in the Pokerstars World Cup of Poker but went out in 26th place.

I went all in with KK and my opponent caught a straight on the river card busting me out on my bum!!

Oh well, maybe another time!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Pokerstars - Live

I'm playing a $0.50/$1 No Limit Holdem game at Pokerstars right now, as I type.

I thought it may be interesting to blog as I'm playing for a change and see how things progress. By the way, last night I played the same game at Pokerstars and made a profit of $42.20, hopefully tonight will be as rewarding.

It's not been so far though. I started out with $30 in chips and moved all in with QQ. The flop didn't help anyone but my opponent, in with A-7 and holding nothing, landed the big A on the river card.

I added another $30 and so far the action seems quite loose but I'm just not landing the good cards. I'll blog a little more shortly.

There is some big money at this table changing hands and I think some of them think it's a game of raises, even when they have nothing! Great if I could get a decent pre-flop hand.

Can you believe it!! I played a full house, went all in again and got beaten with four Aces!! Another $30 in.

Just went all in on my second hand of this $30 and landed a full house with 10's full of Kings! $56 in my pot! The other person, who by her photo is a little tasty hand three of a kind 10s and an Ace kicker so I was lucky with the King on the river.

Half an hour gone and I thought my Ace Kicker was enough with the two pair on the board so I called a $14 bet but lost out to a full house. I was up to $89 but I'm back to $60 now. The daft players have gone now and the poker has gotten more serious.

Three of a kind 6s have just beaten my 2 pair, 10s and Jacks to put me back to $27. F***ing poker.

All in with pocket Aces just took me back in the running with $80.

Been playing for about 2 hours now and have scratched back into profit. Only by $3 so far though.

Finished with a small profit of $11.30. Not too bad considering I was down to zero three times!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Better Poker Hands at Pokerstars

Last night I played a little in Pokerstars and had slightly better hands that I've been getting the past few sessions. I ended up $53.65 which although doesn't recoup my losses over the past few weeks, at least takes a little back!

By the way, Pokerstars have recently signed up their 5 Millionth player!

That's a huge number, just under the population of Scotland and if it were a county it would rank at 112 in the world of the most populated! Thats over the half-way mark of ranking countries.

A great reason to check Pokerstars out!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Pokerstars Continues my Losing Streak

mmm...Maybe this No Limit Hold'em isn't for me.

I've played the last 3 nights at Pokerstars and so far I'm $256.35 in the hole.

It may be me, and probably is, but I just don't seem to be getting the cards. Even a pair seems a good hand to me these days and when I do get a couple of top cards pre-flop, nothing helps me on the flop and most of the time I'm folding.

I've looked at my stats and hand histories but these seem ok, I thought I might have been playing too many hands but my averages show that I'm only seeing maybe 35-40% of hands through to the flop.

Maybe just a bad run of things? Maybe I should stick to Limit Hold em instead?

Or just luck will change. :)

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A $43 Win!

Managed to scrape back $43.05 last night at Pokerstars.

I was playing $1/$2 Texas Hold Em and had a fairly good game with many ups and downs but I was almost always ahead in the chip count, which I was relieved about.

They have a tournament running this coming weekend which I fancy playing in so hopefully I'll get a game. It's a country thing where the top 4 go to Barcelona to play for their country.

Not much chance with my recent play, but you never know.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Bad Run is Getting Bigger!!

$148.58 down the tubes over the last few days. I think the problem is due to a few things.

1. The first is that although my hands are not bad I'm maybe playing them too strongly at times. This is kind of intentional as I want my poker play to be more aggressive. I just need to control it a bit.

2. I'm too keen on a quick win and I'm going all in after someone else has pre-flop with unspectacular cards. I should really be the first all-in if the cards are strong enough and I'll have to change my play of the cards slightly to achieve this.

Enjoying myself though and I think for the first time in a while my poker playing is more enjoyable than ever. I'm also sure that the payoffs will start coming soon.

Fingers crossed.

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