Sunday, March 27, 2005

VC Poker - Victor Chandlers

VC Poker is set to become one of the leading Uk poker rooms with it's huge advertising efforts. They have loads of new players signing up for accounts every day and have had booklets distributed with copies of Maxim and Inside Edge magazines.

They are offering new players a 25% signup bonus and as they are run by the well-known and popular Victor Chandler Group, you know that everything is above board and payouts will be quick and easy.

Bets can be made for as little as 3 pence so if your new to playing poker with real money, it'll go far.

VC Poker makes a worthwhile addition to everyones desktop.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Texas Hold Em at Littlewoods Poker - $1/$2 Limit

Playing in Littlewoods Poker tonight for about an hour and a half and enjoyed the game. Everyone at the table was playing very tight so I stuck (more or less) with a basic Texas Hold Em strategy of only playing the top hands but playing them aggressively.

My winnings were quite high a few times, for only a $1/$2 game, but in the end the cards weren't going right for me. Still I ended up a few dollars up so I was happy enough - a free nights entertainment can't be bad. Better than my recent play in Littlewoods Casino, where I've lost about £70 this week.

Littlewoods Poker also allows it's normal poker games to be played in Uk Pounds or Euros if you prefer.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Ladbrokes Poker

To be honest, I haven't downloaded or tried out Ladbrokes Poker. However I'm sure that Ladbrokes, being such a large and popular group will have provided an excellent poker rooms to play in. All of the normal games are available and Ladbrokes Poker boasts being the largest European Poker Rooms online.

I'm struggling for time at the moment but will get round to playing there shortly....hopefully.

A $100 bonus chip offer is available for new players, so click Ladbrokes Poker, give it a go and come back and post what you think of it. I'd be interested in hearing everyones comments.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Texas Hold Em - Pot Limit

In pot limit poker games, the first round of betting has to be at least the size of the big blind value set for the table.

For the following bets, a pot limit bet is allowed which is the maximum size of the current game pot. For remaining bets to be valid the bet amount has to be no less than what the last betting player placed.

Texas Hold Em - No Limits

In no limits poker the first betting round would have to be at least the size of the big blind value set for the game.

After the opening round the bet must be at least half of the last bet placed. After that there is no maximum number of raises and also no limit of the betting amounts.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Texas Hold Em - Limit Poker

Playing Texas Hold Em Limit Poker Tables

In limit poker the table limits are set at the beginning. When rounds of betting are played, each has to follow the specified betting limits specified at the table of the start of the game.

As an example - you play at a $1/$2 table or a $10/$20 table.

The first example would have the first two rounds of betting, pre and post flop, set at $1. The next rounds would be for $2 as a maximum bet or raise. There may be a maximum of 1 bet and 3 raises in a round of betting. These are termed a bet, a raise, re-raise and a capped bet.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

World Series of Poker 2005 with Poker Stars

I received this email from Poker Stars today. Uk Poker players could be on their way to the World Series of Poker and remember, it was Poker Stars that produced the last two winners!

"It's time to ante up and make it a three-peat. We all know PokerStars is where poker players become world champions. In 2003 it was Chris Moneymaker; last year it was Greg "Fossilman" Raymer; this year we're counting on you! Join us as we kick off this year's World Series of Poker Millionaire Quest with a record setting line-up of cash and FPP satellites, double shoot outs and Sit & Go qualifiers. "

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Texas Hold Em Top Ten Hands

Working with only playing the top ten pre-flop hands in Texas Hold Em is a great strategy, that beginners can easily follow.

Obviously, depending on the players at the table and how they play and bet you many want to play a few more or a few less but generally these hands will win more often:

A - A
K - K
Q - Q
A - K
J - J
10 - 10
9 - 9
8 - 8
A - Q
7 - 7

These hands when dealt pre-flop should be played aggressively and raise whenever possible (taking into account the other players and how they play.)

William Hill Poker - A Game at Last

Played my first game in what seems like ages at William Hill UK Poker today. I've missed getting to enjoy a good game of Poker for one reason or another.

Starting off, I was definately too keen to get in the action and made the mistake that so many players make - playing too many hands and not folding when I need to. I'll put it down to the excitement of getting a game of poker at last. Anyway, it did me no good as I was soon back at the cashier getting more chips!

I changed my focus on the game after that and decided to play with a little strategy, play the top ten poker hands aggressively and bow out with more or less everything else.

Like I said before, I was playing in William Hill and was on a $1/$2 table and in all purchased $50 of chips. Time got the better of me in the end and I cashed out the $50 after getting back to breaking even. I was glad that I changed my play and working the top ten hands rule certainly keeps you on the straight and narrow.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Struggling to Get a Poker Game

This Uk Poker blog has suffered slightly in the past few weeks. I've been struggling to get a game due to my better half (well other half anyway) having a baby and then I put my back out. Hopefully I'll manage to get into a few poker games this weekend coming and will get the ball rolling again.

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