Sunday, October 15, 2006

UK Poker - PAH!! No luck whatsoever!

Not been a good few days playing poker. Very poor results. A summary of my stupid losses is below:

$15 Tournament - 156 players, out in 30th.

$5 Tournament - 256 players. Out in 130th position when my QQ failed to trip Js on the river card. Isn't that always the way?

$10 Tournament - 246 players, out in 126th

$2 Sit n Go - 12 Players, 3rd and $3.60 returned

$0.50 Freds All in or Fold - 9th place from 41. Great fun this game and easy to take part in. Basically, you have to either go all in or fold. If you're in the small or big blind positions, you're instantly all in. Really a complete game of chance but good fun and the games only last 10 minutes or so.

$5 + $0.50, 20 player tournament

$10 Freezeout Tournament - 74th from 126 players.

$25 NL Texas Hold Em - 130 players, I made 45th place.

There, a very brief roundup of my UK Poker plays over the past few days. It doesn't make nice reading and has resulted in an overall loss of $63.90. Mmmm, totaling this up wasn't as bad as I first feared.

Ok, off for another game of poker in my UK poker tour where I haven't left home yet!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Been having a few games with BetFred Poker. Bet Fred poker rooms are good and I do like the feel of the game there. A few more players would be nice but certainly a decent enough poker site to play in.

Anyway, here's how I've played.

Thought I'd try some Extreme Turbo 10 player games for $10 each. Couldn't make anything of it at all and to be honest, skill doesn't really come into it much. It's a lottery and I won't be playing again.

$20+2 $4500 Guaranteed Freezeout - 134 from 220
$5 + 0.50 Turbo Bet Fred - 4th
$5 + 1.00 Turbo Bet Fred - 3rd - $10 returned
$5 + 0.50 Turbo Bet Fred - 6th
$5 + 0.50 Turbo Bet Fred - 20 players 2nd - $30 returned

$34.50 down overall.

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