Friday, December 30, 2005

Ritz Poker

Been a while since I've had a game with Ritz Poker, I might download the site again tonight, since I lost the original version I had when my system decided to delete itself about 3 months ago.

I used to enjoy playing at the Ritz since you know that some of the super-rich play there and it seems to make winning all the better.

Anyway it's nearly New Years and the Ritz would make a classy change, wouldn't it!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Poker333 Player Cleans Out My Account

Well it had to come the way I've been playing, I'm outta chips at Poker333. Played my last $12.50 in a Heads Up Match for $0.50/$1 stakes and lost.

I think the break I had from playing poker has really affected my play and I'm not concentrating on what I used to do ok at.

Time for a rethink on my strategy and maybe play so $1/$2 fixed limit games for a while until I regain my composure.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Online Poker Room Reviews

If your looking for some more information on where to play poker online you could always check out the reviews at

The reviews that this site cover all of the major poker rooms and list all of the up to date bonus offers.

Online Poker Room Reviews are there for a reason. They help keep you safe in the knowledge that the rooms your playing in are tried, tested and trusted.

Can you beat the Poker Bots?

Here's an interesting article that fits with my UK Poekr Blog. It's an interesting read and covers poker bots. Both how the bots are setup and also how much a poker bot can make.

Frightening Stuff!

Here's an sample of the article, "I'm doing pretty well. I have two computer systems, and each one can run four poker bots, and each of those four can play up to five tables at once. At worst I make on average £2.90 an hour at each table. That's a minimum of £116 an hour if I can get all the bots running at once."

Read the full article here : Poker Bots -

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Another Sit and Go with Prima Poker

Before bed I decided to have one last go at a heads up match in Poker 333.

We both took $10 to the table and I actually managed to win!! Yippee!!

Seems like ages since I last managed any result at all but I've now managed to win a whole $7.20!

Still at least it's a win as things were starting to look very bleak indeed. Perhaps this small win will signal a turnaround in my so called UK Poker Tour.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Prima Poker Sit and Go

Played a heads up sit and go in one of the Prima Poker rooms tonight. Started with $30 and ended up with another big fat $0.

Not really on a winning streak am I?

Still it was a good game and the poker was very swings and roundabouts with me going up in cash then falling only to recover later. Very enjoyable.

One thing I must say though is that when you're playing a heads up match, the rake goes away with an awful lot of the cash. Between the two players at the table, we brought $80 to the poker table.

Due to plaing for so long, in the end I had $0 but the other guy had only gained about $5, meaning that $25 went into the rake!!

In the Hole at Pokerstars

Not a good start to the Boxing Day festivities when I went $203 down in a game of $1/$2 No Limit Texas Holdem at PokerStars.

What can I say? Not a bloody lot really, my Pokerstars bankroll is dry so I'm of to find somewhere else.

Maybe I should start looking for a site to let me remortgage the house. Ha Ha. Things aren't quite that bad...YET!

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Bet Fred Poker - $1/2 No Limit Texas Hold Em

Merry Christmas.

Had a game of $1/$2 no limit texas hold em last night at Bet Fred Poker.

Went in with £45 and turned it into a quick £0!

Ok, so I played for over an hour and was about £120 up at one point but then things turned nasty and I lost the lot.

Still...reckon those no limit games are more my style.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Bet Fred Poker $0.50/$1 Sit and Go

Both of us started with $10 at Bet Fred Poker and within minutes, I was down to my last 50 cents. Managed to double up a few times and actually won the lot! A return of $9.05 might not seem a lot but the way I've been playing is great.

The main reason I tried the sit and go was that my tournament play seems ok to begin with but as I progress I don't think I'm being forceful enough and play too tight in the latter poker tournament stages.

A few sit and go tournaments should help my play and give good experience of head to head play.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Poker Stars $2/$4 High Speed Poker

A quick game of poker before bed I thought. How right I was. Fleeced of $40 in Poker Stars in no time at all. Things can only get better. My play seems right off just now, perhaps through lack of practice and I think that I don't concentrate enough with so much work to do online just now.

Roll on the weekend. I fancy winning some money now!!

Monday, December 05, 2005

UK Poker

Didn't manage to get a game of poker this weekend. Time seemed to pass by so quickly.

It wasn't even an exciting weekend, just pottering about on the internet and looking after the kids. That was about it!

Think I might give Bet Fred Poker another try soon though, or maybe do battle in Pokerstars. mmm.

The choices, the choices. Think I'll leave Littlewoods Poker alone for a while now since loosing �200 over the weekend in Littlewoods Casino. :( Not good.

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