Saturday, March 24, 2007

Mixed Fortunes but Good Poker

Played a $3 + 0.25, 45 play game at Pokerstars and came 28th. Just couldn't catch 2 good cards and the play was so loose I couldn't bluff to pick up any blinds either. I went short-stacked very quickly and eventually had to go all-in with an Ace and a 4. One other player joined me with an Ace and a six which he won with the higher kicker.

Registered for a $10.70 + $1 with 2 seats guaranteed in the Pokerstars Sunday Millions tourney. The Sunday Million at Pokerstars has guaranteed prize money of $1,500,000. There was 97 players in the tournament. Couldn't catch any decent cards and went out in 67th place when I went all in withh K Q suited and was beaten with a high card Ace.$8 + 0.80 Sunday Millions Tourney, came 13th out of 36

Pokerstars had a $10 + $1 tournament with $15000 guaranteed which I entered. I was put out in 827th place from 2218 players when my JJ in the hole was beaten by a Queen on the board making a pair for the only other person that followed my all in.

A $9 buy in to win a chance to play in a $150,000 guaranteed poker tournament later in the day seemed a good place to start on Saturday morning. However only 5 registered making one first prize of $40. It didn't make any difference anyway as I bombed out in 4th place.

Didn't play until the next Friday when I decided to have a game before bed. Entered a $6 + 0.50 Sit n Go at Pokerstars, a single table event. I trailed for most of the game but managed to keep my head above water until we were down to three players. I was losing by miles but managed to climb back a little before knocking out the second place spot. In the heads up match, it was back and forth a little before my opponent went all-in with a pair of 10s against my 10-J. Luckily another Jack appeared in the flop and I took first place and a prize of $27.00.

Overall though a loss for the past week of $14.45.

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Friday, March 09, 2007

Latest Poker Update

Thought I should update this blog to keep everything up to date. I've been keeping notes in Notepad rather than post them here, which is rather daft! After all, that's the whole point of blogging, isn't it.

Anyway, here goes...

$22.50 returned from $5 stake at a 15 player tournament at Poker333. I finished in 2nd place after being the chip leader for most of the game.

Absolute Poker $1/$2 cash game. Took $20 to the table and was sitting at $36 when my connection to the net dropped out and I couldn't get it back so I gave up for a while and took my $16 profit.

Went to Pokerstars after that and entered a 5 table 45 player Sit n Go tournament for $6 + $0.50. I was chip leader for most of the tournament until the last half a dozen players where the lead changed frequently. I was playing well but at one point the blinds were at $2000/$4000 and I only had $625 in chips left but I managed to double up a few times and I was back in the game. Eventually when we were playing heads up I took a bad run of cards and couldn't catch anything worth playing so ended up in second place. I won $60 which I was delighted with! Another profit!!! This time $53.50.

Sunday night and feeling a bit pissed. Shouldn't really play iin this state but though what the hell. Took $20 to an Absolute table and played about 10 hands making $28 profit! Maybe should take a beer or two more often!

Played another $6 + $0.5 Sit n Go at Pokerstars. However this was only a 9 player and I didn't fare so well going out in 5th place.

Lost $7.75 in a $1/$2 fixed limit game of Texas Hold 'em. Couldn't really catch any cards although I played for a while and my money came and went a bit. Overall it just wasn't happening for me.

Another lost just today, this time at Pokerstars. Playing in a $1/$2 game of hold'em, I went $26 down before calling it a day, or at least an afternoon.

Overall, a profit of $46.75. Another profit, albeit small!

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