Saturday, August 11, 2007

More Poker Bad News

Absolute Poker - $6 + 0.60 3rd place $10.80
Absolute Poker - $5 + 0.50 136 from 199 when my pair of 10-10 and my all-in was called by two players with no real hands and one of them made a straight with the river card.
Absolute Poker - $10 + 0.50 86th place from 199, again put out with a made straight on the river after making two pair. That's enough punishment for one night.
Went back to Pokerstars as I haven't been there for a while. Twice I was beaten by the same guy with the same cards and my pairs of Kings and Queens couldn't stand up to Four of a Kind Aces now could they. Talk about bad beats!! Anyway my account is now $80 lighter after a very short period of time. A sad bunny right now.

To finish off I player a Pokerstars $1/$2 Limit Holdem table. Started with $40 at the table. Finished with $74.50.

Overall this post has cost me $57.30. Oh well, next time!

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