Saturday, December 16, 2006

How I Fared in the $50 Buy In

I didn't get round to logging in and giving an update of the tournament I posted about previously. I won a place in a $50 buy-in No Limit Texas Holdem Poker tournament.

Well I started of getting loads of low pairs pre-flop, which I held onto until after the flop but needless to say, nothing was forthcoming post-flop so I didn't have much luck there.

A couple of times I received a decent pair pre-flop later on in the game and this helped me boost my poker chips a few times, helping me out a bit as although I was holding my own, I wasn't making much head-way.

Second last hand, I went all in with K-K and one other player followed also going all-in in with a pair of 5s. This put me up to 4060 chips and in a decent position, but my pair of 8s in the last hand couldn't hold up to a straight which came on the river for the other player!

Great game though and nice to be playing the higher limits and although not winning, I was holding my poker game together and finished in a fairly respectable 61st place out of 220 starting players.

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