Saturday, October 22, 2005

Pokerstars $5 + 0.50 No Limit Hold'em

Played at Pokerstars again last night in a $5 poker sit and go tourney. 27 players played and as is becoming the normal, I didn't make the money. I exited the tournament in 12th place.

Still it was more enjoyable than my last outing there.

Monday, October 17, 2005

$1/$2 at Pokerstars

Played again at Pokerstars last night but didn't do very well. I lost about $30 on a $1/$2 table.

I say about $30 as it was the most boring game of poker I have ever played and I can't even remember the exact amount. It may not have been quite this much.

Everyone was going through the motions but nothing exciting happened and it seemed you won the poker hand if you were dealt it with the first two cards so most of the time everyone was folding as their hand was rubbish. No chances were taken and it was a pretty even game all around, you came a bit then went a bit.

I think I lost most of the money in the last few hands trying to liven the game up a bit. A daft thing to do, I know. I should've changed tables and found somewhere with more action.

I'm still not convinced about the whole Pokerstars thing but it seemed ok and I'm sure the boring game had absolutely nothing to do with them.

Now to look for the next thrilling and exciting poker game!!!

Saturday, October 15, 2005


What a great night I've had. Lost money, but hey!! I hardly ever get a game now and I've just finished playing for the last 4 hours!

Anyway, what did I do and how did I fare...

Pokerstars was the destination. I've mentioned it before but never played for real money there. The word on the street is that the very best of the best play there. Who knows, and really, who cares?

Playing in a strange poker room unsettles you for a while and I think Pokerstars has been the hardest to adjust to. The games just look different and it takes a while to adjust. The gameplay is a bit slow as well but after about an hour you get used to it and you tend to get on playing.

I started with a quick game of Texas Hold Em. $50 in my account and I lost $39. Not a good start but with 2 hands in succession against me, both being 4 of a kind, I think I can be excused. I wonder what the poker odds of four of a kind twice in a row are? I'll maybe work it out and post the answer here.

I then moved onto a $25000 tourney and just didn't get the cards. I went out in 550th place out of a pack of 1041 poker players. The breaks just didn't come.

Switched to another game of $1/$2 then to see if I fared any better. Those poker tourneys are great fun but can be expensive if you don't watch. I played at a 6 player table and made my $30 up to $51 before finishing to write this then off to bed.

Five Card Stud Poker - Another Game at Poker333

Back to Poker333 for another game of Five Card Stud Poker.

$20 into my account and played for only a short time, about 30 minutes.

I definately think that Five Card Stud maybe my game, it plays far faster that Texas Hold Em and seems to suit my level of play.

Finished up with $32.45 for my $20 and was happy about that at such a low-stakes table ($0.50/$1.)

Might go back for a Texas Hold Em tournament later tonight where shall I play?

Five Card Stud Poker

Being a Texas Hold Em Poker fan, I've never really dipped into the realms of other poker games apart from the occasional foray into Seven Card Stud. However, last night I had a crack at Five Card Stud at Poker333 and it was darn enjoyable!

I spent a few minutes remembering the basics of the game at the play money tables before heading to the real money tables, a low-stakes one.

I started taking $20 to the table, this was plenty for the 50c/$1 stakes I was playing and left after an hour with $17.45. Not making money then but I did get to $43 before things turned against me and the beginners luck started to fizzle out.

Five card stud seems a great game for bluffer and agressive players and the order of the game is pairs and high cards rather than straights, flushes, etc.

Five card stud poker is fast action and really enjoyable. I'll be back for more and this game may enev just convert me from my favourite Texas Hold Em poker game!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

UK Poker - Back On

Played in the Roxy Poker Rooms today after a long break from playing my UK poker tour. I played at a $1/$2 table and started off by bringing $20 to the table.

It didn't last long and another $20 was added followed by another $10. I think it was the break from playing that did it, maybe playing too loosely and not getting my head into the poker playing mindset that comes with practice.

Anyway, another $30 to the table and my strategy had to change. I went back to playing the top ten starting poker hands only (well nearly, I did deviate once or twice,) and after an hour or so was back just above the amount of money I brought to the table.

Another half hour or so and I was down $9 overall and had to go out so I cut my losses and ran.

It just goes to show that in order to play decent poker then you have to play regularly or expect to struggle getting into the right frame of mind and allow time to find your feet again.

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