Saturday, June 23, 2007

Dang This Poker Thing!

My first foray into the Poker World tonight consisted of a $10 + $1 Sit N Go game of No Limit Texas Holdem Poker. How long did I last. You really shouldn't ask!

First hand I was out after my QQ didn't stack up against an all-in with KK. Well it was quick anyway! I've decided to play at Absolute Poker tonight and may play another tournament but I've other things to do so I'll see later.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

WSOP Qualifier

Well I managed 42nd Place from 321 players in the Caveman Qualifier Tournament at Poker Host. No Las Vegas for me then!

We started with 5000 chips and I was in the game for 3 3/4 hours, which is the longest single tournament I've ever played. However my trip Aces didn't hold up to a full house in the end.

Gutted is the only way to describe it, as it's probably the best poker I've ever played and certainly the highest quality players. Still it was enjoyable.

I played well though and didn't make many mistakes. I've noticed the difference in my game when I concentrate and do nothing else, rather than check emails and muck around at other bits and pieces.

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Friday, June 15, 2007

BetFred Poker - Down $68

Well the warm up isn't going too well so far. I've just lost $68 in the Betfred Poker rooms playing $1/$0.50 NL Holdem. Not catching the cards tonight at all so will go to bed and start my warm up for Monday nights tournament again tomorrow.

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My Poker Update

Since I last updated this poker blog, the first night I made a $3 profit after a fairly abismal couple of games. First of all I went down $25 at Absolute Poker before my PC crashed and bombed me out of the game. After that I played at Pokerstars when I was down $50 at one stage before winning a few hands and coming back to just above evens. Both games were $2/$4 limit games and I quite like playing at that level. There doesn't seem to be as many fish as there are at the $1/$2 tables and it makes for a more interesting game.

However, after not playing so well to finish up at all is a blessing. A Turbo tournament with Coral costing $5 + $0.50 didn't reap any rewards when I went out in 14th place. Only the top 5 were paid.

The weekend before last I went out in 238th place at a BetFred Texas Holdem tournament ($5+$0.50) when my three Queens didn't hold up to a King making a straight on the river card. I was playing ok before that as well. Oh well, that's poker! That night I also played a $15 Freezeout Tournament at BetFred Poker. 262 players. 111th place and also a $15 Freezeout Tournament at BetFred Poker. 250 players.230th place. Simply Hellish!!

Things looked up after that though. I tried a new poker rooms called Poker Host that run as part of the Microgaming Poker Network. I played in an invitational freeroll and actually managed to put out one of the bounty players making me $100. I came second overall and this earned me a qualification into a WSOP Main Event tournament this coming Monday night. The top 5 players will go to Las Vegas to play in the Big One! Can't see me getting anywhere but a slice of the $50,000 added cash would be nice!

An update on this after I've played it but I'm going to practice a little this weekend and hopefully get up to speed again. Overall taking all this into account, and thanks to the bounty, I've made a profit of $67.50.

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