Sunday, May 22, 2005

POKER333 - $2/$4 Game


Had another game at Poker333 last night and started off terribly. I took $109 to the table and after about 30 minutes I was down to my lowest point of only $14.

I put this down to being tired, playing loose and trying to force guys with a few chips out of the game without having anything in my hand. I just wasn't concentrating at all and couldn't get into the game.

However, after settling down a bit and playing more like my normal. Sensible play won the day and I finished after about 2 hours with my Poker333 account sitting at $131.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Another Game on the Prima Poker Network

Well I was back at the Prima Poker Room, Poker333 tonight, but not for very long, about an hour.

I took $81 in chips to the tables and was amost out a couple of times but managed to hang on and ended up losing $13. Not great but I can live with a loss like that when putting up with interruptions from a child that won't sleep!

Slight Success at Poker333


As I've said before, Poker333 is part of the Prima Poker Network and although not aimed directly at UK poker players, there are UK companies as part of the group. There are always loads of tables that are very busy and lot games to play.

Anyway, I had $21.32 left in my account last night and though, what the hell, I may as well see how long it lasts in a table game. I picked a $2/$4 limit Texas Hold Em Table at Poker333 and played for just over an hour.

The number of players at the table was low, from 3 to 5, and they changed often. I played sensibly and by the end of my playing time my Poker333 account was sitting at $121.32, a gain of $100 exactly.

Maybe I should play the table games rather than the tournaments more often!

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Littlewoods Poker Downtime Tournament

I watched a special tournament at Littlewoods Poker where they offered $50,000 added to a $25 tournament which gave a total prize pot of $91275!

One lucky player "Binnzee," after 5 hours, walked away $18255 richer. Not bad for a days work.

I would have liked to have played but there were too many interruptions for playing in such a big game but I will next time and with 120 players out of the 1650 who started getting a prize, I may even make some cash......well maybe

William Hill Poker - £10 No Limit Tournament

William Hill

Played a £10 William Hill tournament tonight and there was 54 other players. I managed 16th position and I was only dealt really poor cards that were hardly worth playing.

I was delighted to even have made 16th but it wasn't a very fun game and was a bit slow and Due to the awful cards, I couldn't really get into the game.

£5 Tourney at The Ritz

Ritz Poker

Tried a £5 tourney at The Ritz and was eliminated in 49th position out of 100. It was a bit of a sickener as I had triple Queens but the other guy managed to pull a full house out of the bag when we went all in on the river card.

A bit of a dampener to my Sunday afternoon.

Still the Ritz has other nice tournaments so I may just play another.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Littlewoods Poker | £2 + 0.25 Texas Hold Em Tournnament

Littlewoods Poker

Played a Littlewoods tourney for £2 today and out of 120 players I was ranked 13th. Littlewoods have a great selection of cheap to play tournaments so it's well worth a look to see what they have to offer. Of course the bigger players are catered for as well.

Received my winnings of £2.40 for 13th place so I didn't lose anything but I'm a long way off retiring.... lol.

Friday, May 06, 2005

William Hill Poker £2 + 0.25 6-Pack Tournament

William Hill Poker - Sterling Edition

Played in with William Hill call a 6-pack tournament tonight. So called due to the number of players at each table....Yeah you guessed right, there's 6.

I normally play in tournaments with 10 players but enjoyed the game although I think I need to rethink the strategy with so few players. Still I did, what I thought, was a decent attempt with elimination in 70th place from 357 starters.

I was fairly please and what made my night was when that nice man, William Hill, dealt me my best hand yet - a Straight Flush! It's not every day you get one of those and my finishing hand was the Ace - 2 - 3 - 4 and the 5, all of spades!!

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