Sunday, November 27, 2005

A Mixture of Limits

Played at Poker333 again today and lost...again.

Started playing in a $3/$6 game this afternoon and after 2 hours I wa down about $60. Then tonight I played some $2/$4 limit poker followed by some excellent $0.50/$1 No Limit Heads Up poker.

I think that I need to improve my heads up play as it always seems to be in the latter stages of the game that I turn turtle and run from a possible pot. Anyway, it was really good fun, I took a few dollars off one guy and lost a few less to another. Really good fun poker for a few dollars.

The annoying thing about when you're playing these small stakes heads up games is that you see just how much goes in rake. The last game I took $15 to the table and the other guy $5. Within 30 minutes, there was only a total of $12 on the table! Shocking!

Anyway, my days experiences at Poker333 turned $139.75 into only $83.25.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Poker333 $1/$2 Limit Texas Hold Em

Poker333 provided my destination on Saturday night and I started with a lovely run of the cards.

So much was going my way that I surprised even myself and the other poker players were certainly paying attention when I started upping the betting. They were running like chickens apart from 2 or 3 fish which were sure that my success was going to come to an end soon.

I accumulated a fair bit of cash and then, as I normally find, I crashed...badly.

The cards changed and I think I probably was counting too much on my previous successes which didn't help. Anyway, I ended my Poker333 session $2.25 out of pocket. Not too bad I suppose.

Well if actually losing at poker can be explained as not too bad!

PokerStars beats me Again....Grrr

A table at PokerStars was the destination on Friday night. $1/$2 Texas Hold Em.

Started off badly, as is my normal in the course of an evening and was down about $50. Darn flushes were aplenty and none for me. However, before my time ran out, I managed to claw myself back to finish with $46.25 from a $60 deposit.

mmm.... $13.75 in the hole. Must do better.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Bet Fred Tournament

Just been knocked out of a Private Bet Fred Freeroll Tournament which I was invited to play in. It was good fun although maybe the hands were a bit subdued in the beginning.

60 poker players started in the freeroll and I made position 19. Could be worse, could be better but at least it was FREE which is always nice.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Poker Stars - $1/$2 Limit Texas Hold Em

Well, I never managed to play for long tonight. I was very tired but thought I would have a quick game at Poker Stars before I went to bed.

Played at a table with two other players and won 5 hands straight, before losing two and called it a night. No point in playing poker when you're too tired. I've tried it before and you just end up losing.

Turned $20 into $41 though so I'm happy to have had a win as my track record was starting to worry me. I haven't won for a while. YIPPEE!

Anyway, off to bed now to dream about that WSOP bracelet that I'm bound to win soon. Ha ha ha.

Friday, November 04, 2005

The Weekends Here

Finish work early on a Friday...YIPPEE

Planning a weekend of late nights playing poker, providing I can get some other work done. :)

Entered in a special $2000 Freeroll at Bet Fred Poker this coming Sunday, so I'll need some practice before then!

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