Friday, December 31, 2004

£2 Tournaments at Littlewoods

Littlewoods run £2 tournaments every night.

Played in a £2 tournament at Littlewoods UK Poker tonight. 175 players played. Things were going well and I called a blinder on a fairly large pot with pocket Aces. Things went a bit stale after that with me playing hardly any hands due to the cards I was getting. All I played for half an hour was where I was posting the blinds.

Anyway went out in 52nd place after I went all in after the flop with trip 10s followed by an Q. The winning hand was also trip 10s but he had an Ace kicker so I was outa there.

Thursday, December 30, 2004

UK Poker Blog

UK Poker

I really do need to get the hang of this blogging lark. Everyone else seems to have far nicer looking pages than me. I must find out how to display other stuff on the right. Not today though.

Ritz Poker


Finally got a quick game at the Ritz.

Nice tables, very well designed and easy to get going - Just what I was looking for. I can actually see the Ritz becoming my favourite poker rooms! You can play in £, $ or Euros, whatever takes your preference.

Played in a £2/£4 game and started out with £50. A bit more than normal but what the hell, it's the Festive Season! Anyway, played in a decent game for an hour and was getting tired so finished off with £50! Nothing won, nothing lost, but I had a great time playing and the players I were up against were pretty decent so I enjoyed myself.

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Littlewoods Poker - Freeroll Tournament - Trusted online poker games
Played my first game of poker in a week or two today and decided on a Freeroll at Littlewoods.

Great things freeroll tournaments, they let you play for absolutely no money.

300 people sat down and I was put out in position 39 after a rather stupid play. I wasn't guaranteed a winning hand but still went all in on a pair of 10s in the pocket. The winner pulled a Jack against his Jack in his pocket on the river. Sods luck - still didn't cost me anything!

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Ritz Poker

I still haven't managed a game on the Ritz Poker tables but I'm intending to very this space. Hopefully things will be better soon and I'll have more time to play.

Piggs Peak Poker

Been a while since I've had a game again. Due to a few personal life problems, I've not had the time. However, I had a whole $9 in my Piggs Peak Poker (Poker333) account and thought I may as well blow it all.

Started playing $1/$2 Texas Hold Em and although the game was nothing to write home about I finished up with $33 in my account so was fairly happy and I'll be able to have another game with whats there.

Went on to play in a $0.75 + 0.25c Sit and Go Game with 9 other players. The stakes were very low and I've never played at such a small value table before but reckoned it would be something different. Again, nothing terribly exciting to report but I did win and thats gained me a whole $3.75 in prize money. I haven't ordered the Ferarri yet but a few games like this and I'll be able to afford a Matchbox one.

Onwards and upwards.

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