Monday, April 25, 2005

Totesport Casino Poker

Totesport Casino Poker.

Totesport Casino is the new casino on the block from the reputable Tote group who are well-known for their sports betting. It's the most clean and modern and slick casino I've played in and looks very nice.

So what's the point? Well, the casinos offer versions of poker as well and they can make a refreshing change. Play against the dealer with Pai Gow, Let It Ride, Red Dog or 3 Card Poker if you'd like to try a casino experience with some poker flavour.

Oh and Totesport Casino have a slots game where the jackpot is approaching a Mi££ion - added attraction.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Cheaper than Chips | Littlewoods Poker 40 Pence Tourney

Well I just couldn't stay away from Littlewoods today and had another game at Littlewoods Poker.

This time a 40 pence buy-in with a minimum prize pot of £200. Not bad. It's a freebie type game they have at Littlewoods quite often.

Got down to the last 15 before going out. Was all in with an Ace against an Ace but the river card was a three giving the other guy 2 pair. Played better though and must play more of these cheap as chips Littlewoods Poker games.

Well you've nothing to lose have you and it's good practice?

Littlewoods Poker | £2 Tournament

Littlewoods Poker

Sunday afternoon, the kids are out and the girlfriend is sick in bed. Peace apart for her occasional request for more water. Good time for a game of poker, I thought, so I enrolled in one of the hourly £2 tournaments at Littlewoods.

127 players started and after half an hour I hadn't played many hands due to not getting any decent starting hands. The few I had played were fairly low pairs which were folded after the flop with higher cards appearing.

Then I was dealt an A/Q and raised the bet by 50 chips to 100. Two other players, who had been playing loose followed and I thought, I'm in with a chance. Before the flop one player well all-in and I followed, the third followed.

All the cards were shown and the flop was dealt K-Q-5, followed by 2 then 4. What happens? One player had the same cards as me and the other A-K so he put us both out. Grrr... Position 91. Bugger.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Party Poker

So you might think, "he hasn't actually told us anything about Party Poker."

You would of course be correct. I haven't. And there's a very good reason for it...I haven't played there. I'm not sure why, it must be good due to the fact so many play there but I've just never got round to it.

I will do though. Sometime.

Anyone was to leave a comment about how they found playing there?

Here's the players link ==> Party Poker

World Series of Poker

World Series of Poker I haven't mentioned Party Poker during my rants yet, mainly because I was trying to stick to Uk Poker Rooms, but oh, what the hell. I think I'll open things up a bit and include all the major players as well. Party Poker are the largest poker rooms on the net and have an astronomical number of players. You can now win a seat at the World Series through playing the qualifiers. You can win the following : A seat in the World Series of Poker, worth $10,000! 10 nights in one of Las Vegas’ luxury hotels! $1,500 spending money! Fancy it? Pop on over to Party!

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Littlewoods Poker | Texas Hold Em Limit

Littlewoods Poker

As I've said before, my poker playing tour on the internet isn't going to plan. Lack of time seems to be the key issue here but today I've managed to have a few hands at Littlewoods Poker. Littlewoods has always been a favourite of mine and today I played a quick game, about an hour, of Texas Hold Em $1/$2 Limit. Came to the table with $40 and left with a lowly $24 after reaching a high of $72 at one point. Must practice and concentrate more!

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Pokerstars | British Poker Open Qualifiers

The British Poker Open

Be the world's first ever British Poker Open Champion and win up to £93,000 in a prize pool totalling £216,000.

For the first time ever, the UK now plays host to its own annual British Poker Open and the biggest LIVE televised poker event in history.

The BPO will feature twelve live televised six-table heats, with a field of 108 entrants.

PokerStars are sponsoring the final three heats of the BPO. Those heats will include four selected players and two online qualifiers.

UK Pokerstars Invitational Dates :
Tuesday May 3rd
Wednesday May 4th
Thursday May 5th

Monday, April 11, 2005

Ladbrokes Poker European Championship

Ladbrokes European Championship is on from the 24th April until 1st May. It's a series of 7 different tournaments run completely online.

There will be over $1,200,000 in guaranteed prize money which promises to be a massive week attracting loads of players to Ladbrokes Poker.

Loads of Uk and European players will be taking part in the tournaments hoping for a piece of the huge prize pots. The qualifiers are on now, if you want to be in this highly promising tournament week, get in on the action in the qualifiers now!

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Poker Tournaments

Where does everyone think that the best poker tournaments are held online and why. Post your comments and let everyone know. I like the William Hill Freerolls at the weekends but also the Prima Network is good. I'd be interested to know - whether played in Uk Pounds or dollars....whatever.

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