Saturday, October 23, 2004

UK Poker Online - Play the best uk poker

UK Poker Online - Your guide to playing the best uk poker Ok, it's blatant plug time.... This is a site that I've just designed and put on the net. I'd appreciate any comments people may have about the site.

Feel free to try out the UK Poker Rooms listed here.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Poker 333 Sit and Go $10 Tournament

Been struggling for playing time lately but managed last night to have a quick game. Went into Piggs Peak Poker, see review below, and sat at one of the sit and go tables.

Sit and Go is basically a small tournament but rather than having a starting time, the number of players is limited so as soon as the seats are full, the tournament starts. I find them great when time is restricted, I can go sit at a table and even in a fairly long match, an hour sees it finished. Typically there are from 5 to 20 poker players in a game.

So I paid $2 and 50c for the buy in - the 50c is the poker rooms cut. There were 10 players playing and each started with a pretend $1000.

The match up was fairly even for the first 15 minutes and I was sitting in third place for $1380 chips. I was then sitting with pocket 10s and only myself and one other carried on to the flop. At this stage my pocket 10s were looking good with only one player so I matched his raise and the flop was dealt. This is where a smile appeared on my face, the cards were 10, 3 and 10 giving me four or a kind.

I checked the flop so as not to scare the other player off, then raised a few hundred on the turn. The other guy was looking at a flush so he was willing to take me on. I raised after the turn and he followed with me raising him again. He, of course, called and I was up to $4690 in chips.

Things were steady for a while after that with me holding onto a decent lead and a winning hand of pairs of Aces and Kings taking me up to $7000 with only 4 players left.

The other guy was picking up decent poker chips as well and after a while I was left with £6k and he had 4.

A quick succession of hands after that followed and it was fairly even for a while. No big mistakes were made by either player but eventually after perhaps 40 poker hands, I was knocked out leaving him the winner.

Not a bad result though and I was happy with my play, even with coming 2nd out of 10 as I'd played the cards correctly. I got $6 for winning so was happy enough. I do like these small cheap tournaments as I can play poker for as long as I want for little cost.

Friday, October 15, 2004

Poker Game Rules

I've just had a thought. I may start posting rules to assist the newer poker players reading this blog. If your not sure, have a look at these pages that have poker rules posted.

Piggs Peak (Poker333) on the Prima Poker Network

Ok, so it's not a UK based poker site. Who cares? After all, I couldn't not try playing at at least one of the sites on the Prima Poker Network.

Prima Poker run software for lots of online poker sites and although the playing is all in US Dollars, I had to try it because they have a huge player base, busy tables, and accept very small wagers if you prefer to play for buttons. They simultaneously over the dozens of poker rooms, create one unified body of players.

I choose Piggs Peak Poker which has recently been renamed and branded Poker333. A brand I first heard of a few years ago and if I recall I played in the Piggs Peak Casino without any problems.

Poker 333 offers all new players $30 free when making a first purchase of $60 which is great as to get the bonus us UK poker players only have to deposit around £17. Cheap as chips.

After downloading, it looks good and although doesn't have many bells and whistles is easy to start and the range of tables and tournaments is outstanding. I'll post my first game results with Poker 333 soon.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

William Hill Poker Tournament - $10 No Limit

Decided that my first foray into the poker world since starting this blog would be at William Hill Poker which has long been a favourite of mine.

It runs the Cryptologic software which is nice looking and the sounds are great as well. The Cryptologic software is, in my opinion, the best software that gives a 'feel' like your actually sitting at the tables. The download was quick, only a few minutes, and easy to setup.

Anyway, back to the point. I decided that I'd enroll for a $10 poker tournament of No Limit Texas Hold Em.

There were 126 starting players giving a prize pot of $1260 for the top placings and I was holding my own for a long time and staying there or thereabouts for a while.

Then I got over-confident. A guy had just lost a huge hand and was left with $930. The next hand he went all in straight away. Everyone else folded but since he was playing loose, I decided he was just fed up and throwing his chips away. So I called leaving me with just $85 in my pocket.

Both our cards were shown as there could be no more betting - this guy had gone all in remember. He had a pair of 4's and I had Q, J suited. I preferred my cards over the low pair so long as another didn't appear. It didn't and the flop was 3, 6, 7, the turn was an 8. At this point I was waiting for a nice straight to appear for him but it didn't, another 6 did. Darn...

With $85 left I was out the next hand in 65th place. Not a good start for my blog I thought.....Oh well, always tomorrow.

If you get a chance, the William Hill Poker tables are definately worth a look though and have a great range of tournaments that start from only £2 buy-in. Texas Holdem and 7 Card Stud games are easy to find at all levels, day or night.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

UK Poker

We'll this is the start of my Poker Blog for all UK based players.

To be honest I'm not sure exactly what form this blog will take but suffice to say, I'm planning on reviewing the online Uk based poker rooms to see which are best to play in so that others can join the more reliable online poker rooms.

I'll also be giving insites into my poker playing and letting all the visitors to this site know where I've played, how I've got on and how much money I've won or lost.

I'm by no means a poker expert but I suppose I can hold my own in a poker game so it will be interesting to see exactly how I get on when playing online and letting the world see the results of my playing.

I stick to low value games or tournaments and always play to win although I'm not going to up the ante and go for the bigger value poker games just yet. This is one of the reasons I'm posting the results in this blog, I want to see exactly how I'm getting on and have a way of reviewing my past poker games without just remembering the good games.

I'll try and update after each game of poker I play. When I play at some new poker rooms, as I've said, I'll try to stick to UK Poker Rooms as I'm based there, I'll blog a quick review to let others know what I think of them. Oh, I maybe will post any bonus offers they have as well. We may as well all have some fun with them!

I have also just started a small poker web site which I'll mention in the next update or two so that everyone can check it out as well and see what they think.

Any visitors to my blog are more than welcome to post comments so long as they are constructive, if fact, I'd love good feedback on my poker playing!

See you at the tables.

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