Sunday, January 30, 2005

Littlewoods Poker

Littlewoods Poker

Back to playing on my UK Poker tour at Littlewoods tonight. Played in a $20 tournament and managed to make position 11. Not too bad and I played ok.

Managed a couple of great plays where I knew the hand was won but held off and slowly built up the pot. This put me in first place for a while but I lost a lot with triple Kings when I knew that a straight was on for the other guy.

Poker Lesson Learnt Tonight - If your not going to win, fold, even though it costs. (Damn, and I normally tell everyone else that.)

Littlewoods Poker run a lot of good tournaments with plenty of players. Good entertainment and the poker rooms look nice too.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

What an awful night!

WH Poker

Back to visit Mr Hill tonight and it was poor...very poor.

Over the night I've played in £10, $20, £10, $5 tournaments and got nowhere. I just couldn't get any decent cards and although I'm as patient as can be they just didn't come.

In all three tournaments I ended in the top 30% but only just and hardly played any hands apart from where I posted the blinds. I can't even say I really enjoyed it tonight as the games were slow and although I don't mind not winning too much, tonight I don't feel I've even gained much experience. Losing but gaining a few valuable lessons lessens the blow.

Tired and dejected I'm off to bed.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

William Hill Poker $250,000 Satellite

Had to have another game of poker and after an excellent game I managed fourth. Beaten by a flush on my pocket aces in the last hand.

This bigger tournament poker is getting a grip now and I really feel like my game has improved and I'm enjoying it more. Just not quite there yet though. Hopefully get another chance tomorrow.

William Hill Poker - Sterling Edition

UK Poker - William Hill

Played a few hands of £2/£4 early on waiting for the 100k Satellite Qualifier to start. Had £33 in my account and managed to get that to £66 before the tournament started.

This was the first large satellite tournament I've played in and the level of play was much higher than in the smaller tournaments but I enjoyed it even if I did get knocked out in position 41 of 100. I went all in on the last hand with A-Q in my pocket and A-Q-J on the flop. Unfortunately for me the other guy had K-10 for a straight.

Really enjoying these higher stakes games though as the level of poker played is much tighter and a couple of nice hands can take you from last place into the first 2 or 3.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Out at position 155

UK Poker Tournament - Position 155

An all in against my pair of pocket Aces pre-flop was called so I moved all in as well.

The other guy had a pair of 8s and what turns up in the flop - another 8. Oh well another day...

Littlewoods Poker Uk

UK Poker at Littlewoods

Well I've finished the tournament and made it into 6th place for a total of £35 winnings, less my stake of £5 + £1 so £29 profit. Not too bad for someone who hasn't played in a while.

Four of a Kind Kings helped no end then I used a steady strategy that came and went a bit but then the poker cards turned good and going all in pre-flop with AA against a pair of 5s and a pair of Queens helped me into the last 10.

I really enjoyed the game, more than I have for a while so I've now enrolled into a UK Poker £12000 tournament which cost me £20 + £2 and there are 474 players playing. Just started so will post back later on how I get on.

Littlewoods Poker is certainly one of the top UK Poker Rooms for tournament and there are a wide range to suit everyones pocket.

Littlewoods Poker - £5 N/L Tournament

Littlewoods Poker

As I type this I'm playing in a £5 buy-in No Limit Poker Tourament at Littlewoods Poker.

So far, I've played about 12 hands and the blinds are at 30/60. I've won one hand and my chip amount has increased, so far, from 1500 to 1710.

I've not played many hands yet due to poor cards. I'll post back later how I get on and if I do well may even post during the game.

By the way the prize pot is £700 and the 140 players are in the game.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Coral Poker offering Poker Million IV Free Entry!

Coral Poker Poker Million IV

For a limited time, Coral Poker is offering new customers FREE entry to qualify for the Poker Million IV tournament!

This is a very tempting offer and think I may just have to take them up on it. Busy just now though so will do it later... remind me if I forget!

This is the greatest event in World Poker and the winner will probably be about $2,000,000, thats over £1 Million, better off!

As it takes place on a cruise liner so you get a 7 day holiday for 2 as well!

Monday, January 10, 2005

UK Online Casinos - Your guide to playing the best casinos

UK Casinos

Ok, so I know it's not a poker site but it's the next best thing! A rather neat looking site promoting Uk based casino games.

Poker players like a change from time to time so why not have a look here and have a go in the casinos for something different!

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