Thursday, October 11, 2007

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Played a few games recently but forgot to post in this poker blog how I got on. Anyway, a summary follows:

Won - $80 at PKr in .5/1 followed by another $20.86 in the same type of game.

Then I lost $40 at Poker Host when 3 x Ace was beaten by a higher kicker.

Then I switched to Absolute Poker where I played in some $1/$2 Limit games. The first game I won $39 then lost $20.

The second game should have been a dream game. Everyone at the table was playing with nothing and my idea was to sit it out until I caught decent cards, which I did. Of course, nothing runs that smooth and because all the other players were very fishy, they were calling everything - all of them!!! Of course, 9 times out of 10, one would river a straight, flush or triple up a small pair. Very frustrating as I didn't think I played that badly, you just couldn't shake them off when you had something worth playing and the law of averages says that with everyone in the hand someone else will have a fair chance of getting better cards that you. This style of play was worse for me as I couldn't tell when another player had a better hand, making it difficult to get out of the hand. Of course the pots were big but unfortunately, I didn't manage to catch that many.-$80 in a limit game of Texas Holdem at Absolute Poker. This was a complete waste of time, constantly good cards weren't catching anything and I only won about two or three hands all night.

I may as well have thrown the money out the window.

Anyway on the whole and despite a few large-ish losses, I more or less broke even with a loss of 14 cents. Couldn't really complain in the end and the total of my poker playing figures added up much better than I thought.

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