Saturday, April 28, 2007

$3 profit after a fairly abismal couple of games. First of all I went down $25 at Absolute Poker before my PC crashed and bombed me out of the game. After that I played at Pokerstars when I was down $50 at one stage before winning a few hands and coming back to just above evens.

Both games were $2/$4 limit games and I quite like playing at that level. There doesn't seem to be as many fish as there are at the $1/$2 tables and it makes for a more interesting game. However, after not playing so well to finish up at all is a blessing.

A Turbo tournament with Coral costing $5 + $0.50 didn't reap any rewards when I went out in 14th place. Only the top 5 were paid.

Out in 238th place at a BetFred Texas Holdem tournament ($5+$0.50) when my three Queens didn't hold up to a King making a straight on the river card. I was playing ok before that as well. Oh well, that's poker!

I find low-stakes no-limit Hold'em is a minefield of lousy play (often mine). I wonder what level I have to go to before players make more rational decisions.

Do you play no-limit? Do you find the standard of play better in limit or worse?

Jack Dashed
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